Valuing Emotion over reason/logic

Elements of Romanticism - Valuing Emotion over reason/logic

What does it mean?

Valuing emotion/imagination over reason, heart over head and emotion over intellect is a vital value of the Western Europe Romantic Era. People during this period of time began to realise the importance of appreciating the sublime over conform juxtaposing traits of the Age of Enlightenment. Romantic conventions and values, such as valuing the heart over the head, underlines how people thought and dealt with significant issues with their own individual and personal lives. As a result of the new innovation people began to progress away from pressuring traditions and social expectations, realising the importance of nature and true meaning in their lives undetermined by the thoughts of others. 

How this element emerged from the historical and cultural context of the period?

The various changes of life occurring on an international scale sparked the start of the Romantic Period. The Romantics started to explore various values of their newly created era such as the idea that mankind should be free, the natural goodness of man and that man should be liberated and emotional and scientific and technological innovation encouraged this exploration. The American (1776) and French (1789) revolutions were primary socio-cultural and economic cataclysms which significantly affected the ways individuals thought during the period. In addition the Industrial revolution, the process of social and economic shifting from agricultural living to urban, resulted in the formation of overpopulated slums and a dramatic increase in pollution. Hence, it was within these densely smoggy, unhygienic and poverty-stricken metropolitan societies such as London that many citizens including the Romantics began to start developing and utilising Romantic values such as valuing emotion over reason/logic.         



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